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What if you could reduce your frustration and anger and get back to enjoying the game again?

What if you could shoot
lower scores
without changing your swing?


and easier than you think!

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You don't have a problem with your golf swing!

That's right, you heard correctly
Over the years I have learnt that the vast majority of golfers attempt to play shots that are way above their skill level  and bring lots of trouble into play

This creates and enormous amount of tension and anxiety

It is tension, and not your technique, that creates the majority of your bad shots on the course

I will teach you simple, easy to apply strategies that will lower your tension and therefore improve your results, no matter what your current skill level

You will not have to change your swing to apply these strategies and your scores will come down

What's even better is we will do this on the golf course not the driving range.

Let me teach you how to "play golf" not "golf swing"!

Golf is played on a golf course not a driving range.

This makes sense but why do most "swing instructors" rarely take their customers to the course?

It just the way is has been done in the industry for decades. Since the advent of practice fairways, "swing instructors" have found it easier to stay on the range and do 1 hour lessons one after the other.

Golfers have also been brainwashed into believing that if they can just get their swing "right" or "correct" that their scores will come down.

I now believe that this is just wrong!

I am not a swing instructor!

I am  golf coach

I will guide you to you better golf

I believe that the majority of golfers would just like to play better golf and not have to work on their golf swing.

First I will assess your game where you play...on the golf course!

Unlike with most "swing instructors", we will start on our journey with an on course game assessment. 

The golf course is the only place where a true game assessment can be done. Trying to assess someones game at a driving range is guesswork.

I have found that the main reason golfers never reach their scoring goals is because they don't know where they are actually starting from.

It is like putting your destination into a GPS Navigation System but never allowing the GPS to find out where you are starting from. I don't care how many plans it tries to make for you it just isn't going to work and you will probably be more lost!

It is on the course, in real game like conditions, that we discover where the strengths and weaknesses really are in your golf game.

I will see every see every single part of your game and then be able to make a very clear plan  to get to your goals.

Learn to "play golf" not "golf swing"

During the on course assessment we I will first watch and observe how you currently play the game.

I will then give you some simple strategies that will reduce pressure and tension straight away without changing your swing.

This will help you to execute good shots more often and reduce the frequency and severity of your bad shots.

Lower scores and more enjoyment will then start coming your way.

Golf is not a game of perfect!

I will make a plan that will get the results you are looking for!

After the assessment I will buy you a drink  while I create a personalised training program just for you.

It will be designed around what we discovered in your playing assessment, your time commitment to the game and your budget.

This will ensure that any future coaching and practice you do is focused on what you need for lower golf scores long term.

No more wasting time and money on one off lessons that don't seem to work!

The best news is an on course playing assessment is the same price as a
one hour lesson!

And you get so much more than just a lesson!


Green fees
Cart Hire
Two hours of golf group of no more than 4 like minded golfers
 An after game drink
Expert guidance from PGA Member Paul Williamson
A FULL golf game assessment (not just your swing!)
An improvement plan to get you to your goals!

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