See what some of my clients have to say about my coaching.

“It was not a lesson as such but more about learning how to play smart, lower stress golf.  I had a fantastic 9 hole score...I suggest to all to attend Paul’s on course playing assessment experience.” 

Peter Menzies

Long term Golfer

"My first round of 9 holes at the Tally Valley Golf Club in May was 72 strokes. Six months later it’s 53....
but having lessons at a driving range is not the ‘real deal’ and this is where Paul stands out as a coach."

Lynn Coleman

Beginner golfer

"Hi all, if you are struggling with your golf game, do yourself a favor and have a chat with Paul Williamson . . He really makes you think about your game. Its not about just hitting shot after shot. Its about technique and training. Give him a go."

Bruce Mcleod

Tally Valley GC Member 

Hi Paul
So the story goes two weeks ago 106 off the stick, tune up lesson then last week 96 off the stick this week 85 off the stick so in a fortnight 21 shots improvement, by simply following basic drill and stopping the sway
Thank you again, and lost another shot so of 11 now Cheers

Paul McGeorge

Emerald Lakes GC member

"A great way to learn or improve your golf.
Paul explains drills and methods in a way everyone can understand. Myself a golfer of many years, my wife a beginner and my son a new junior golfer have all benefited from Paul's teaching. Whether it's a group lesson, an individual lesson or an on course coaching round, Paul can articulate to all levels."

Greg/Nicola Smith

Golfing Family

"I've had a lesson at the range with Paul and a one on one over 9 holes and both changed my golf game drastically.
Paul followed up strongly during Covid 19
to ensure I got my lesson I had already paid for in advance. Once on the course his in depth, relaxed, no rush style was both fun and game changing. Letting me play my way before stepping in with what was clearly years of experience. I appreciate the time and effort

Shaun Tasker

Social Golfer

Jo's Work golf day story

Jo had played in her work golf day 12 months ago. She felt embarrassed playing with her golfing work colleagues and didn't want to feel like that this time around. She came to see me for some coaching and things changed....